Series 1: Nos. 1-12 (all publ.); Series 2: Nos. 1-2 (all and last published). Bologna, Arte Grafiche Calderini; then Bompiani. Maggio 1955-Maggio/Giugnio 1959. The complete set, in 14 issues, in stiff card wrappers, mint condition, untrimmed.
Printed in a small edition and very rare as Number 2 of the second series was seized by the authorities on account of a contribution by Pier Paol PASOLINI against the Pope (this issue was received by only a small number of subscribers). Editors: Francesco Leonetti; Pier Paolo Pasolini and Roberto Roversi, with Gianni Scalia, Franco Fortini, Angelo Romano (editors of the second series). The magazine focused on the definition of a "new ideology of poetry." Officina was a real breaking point in the Italian cultural debate. Original contributions by the editors and by Gadda, Calvino, Penna, Ungaretti, Bertolucci, Luzi, Caproni, Arbasino, Sanguineti, Pagliarani, Rondi, Ferretti and others. The seized (censored) series 2 no 1 contains the famous epigram written by Pasolini against Pius XII, which caused great embarrassment to the publisherr (Bompiani), who not only decided to seize and pulp the edition but also stopped the collaboration with the Bolognese group. Surviving copies, very few in number, where those which the publisher had failed to obtain and then destroy. Altoghether produced in a very small edition because of difficulties with the printer who did not like the stiff card that was chosen for the wrappers.

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