An occasional review of concrete / visual / experimental poetry.

Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6/7, 8, 9/10 (=last published) . Leamington Spa, Exeter, Amsterdam, Summer 1970-1977. 8vo., 4to. and tabloid. Original illustrated wrappers, the tabloid number in mint condition and the envelope of the first number neatly opened on one side and in fine condition. Limited to 200 copies for the complete set.

EUR 6,500.00

Key Concrete Poetry journal, edited by Michael Gibbs, "occasional review" of visual/concrete/experimental poetry and language art. The early numbers are very hard to find. No. 1. University of Warwick, Spring 1969. Edition limited to 250 copies. (This no 112/250). Brown paper envelope,with text/title printed on one side in black, containing 8 sheets of variously coloured card with text. (21,5 x 14,6 cm). Poems and graphics by Michael Gibbs (Avenue, o/I, , Andrew Belsey (Paranoia), Paul Merchant (Poem, Portrait);, Alan Shut (sock it to me baby), Terence McCarthy (Storm), Wendy Opie (Poetree). No. 2. Summer 1970. Leamington Spa, Warwickshire: Michael Gibbs. 4to, 17 leaves (mimeographed on one side) stapled wrappers. 1 of 250 copies. With contributions by Bob Cobbing, Andrew Lloyd, Peter Mayer, Alan Riddell, Gerald Rocher, Paul de Vree, Nicholas Zurbrugg, a.o. Light wear to extremities. No. 3. Summer 1971. (32 pp), limited edition of 200 copies on colored paper. With contribs. by Adler, Finch, Gibbs, Mann, Meyer, de Rook, Todorovik, Ulrichs, Vigo, Zurbrugg; cover by Bob Cobbing ('found sound poem'). No. 4. Winter 72/73, limited ed. of 250 copies on yellow and white paper. (36 pp + wrapper). Printed at the Beau Geste Press. With contribs. by Richard Kostelanetz, Dan Graham, Hammond Guthrie, Ken Friedman, Robert Lax, John Giorno, Linda Bandt, Wally Depew, Amelia Etlinger, Michael J. Phillips. No. 5. Exeter,Devon, Michael Gibbs, n.d., printed by Beau Geste Press. Oblong, 15 x 20,7 cm. 42 unnumbered pages, printed in b/w and 1 colour, on white and violet stock, stapled in pictorial wrappers. Contents: 4 e. european poets (Jiri Valoch, Karel Adamus, Toth Gabor, J.H.Kocman), also Peter Finch, Bob Cobbing, Jochen Gerz, Ulisses Carion, Michael Gibbs etc; cover art: Clemente Padi; back cover photo: Graham Keen. No. 6/7. 1975. (48 pp); limited edition of 400 copies. With contribs. by o.a: Clavin, Gibbs, Hutchins, John Liggins, Betty Radin, Stephen Williams; cover ills. 'Grambling' by J.C. v. Schagen. 'Kontextsound', published on the occasion of Sound festival Amsterdam, contains o.a. interviews with Sten Hanson, Bob Cobbing. No. 8. Amsterdam: Spring 1976. Ed. Michael Gibbs & Ulises Carrion. Tabloid newspaper format. 18pp., illus. Contributors incl. Jackson Mac Low; Henri Chopin; Arrigo Lora-Totino; and others, together with a report from Le Colloque de Tanger, plus extracts from an interview with William Burroughs by Gerald Minkoff, a photograph by Anne Nordmann of Burroughs looking into a Dream Machine, and two full-page b/w photos of two collages from "The Third Mind". Nos. 9/10. (=last publ.). Amsterdam: Winter 1976/77. Ed. Michael Gibbs. 4to. Wrps. Contributors incl. Dick Higgins; bp Nichol; Peter Mayer; Bill Bissett; Ulises Carrion; Robin Crozier; Ladislav Novak; Nicholas Zurbrugg a.o