Rivista internazionale di scienze umane, arte e letteratura.

A group of 20 ongoing issues from the start of this irregular publication:
Numbers 1-13. Dic. 1981-Oct/Dic. 1984. Continued with Numbers 1-4. Gennaio - Dicembre 1985; Then: Number 1-2. Gennaio-Giugno 1986; Then: Number 2. 1987. (Thus a set short of 1986 no 3-4 and 1987 no 1). Original wrappers; fine condition (small stamp of previous owner on front covers).
Directed by Enrico R. Comi, on contemporary avant=-garde and conceptual art. Contributions by and on D. Bertiaux, Dom H. Camara, F. Ferraroti, M. I. Macioti, J. Miró, R. Segatori, S. Vassalli, David Salle, A.R. Penck, M. Lüpertz, M. Disler, Ronnie Cutrone. Keith Haring, G. Baselitz, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Gedrhard Merz, Richard Artschwanger, Mel Bochner, etc. etc.