Nos. 1 - 3 (all published). Farmingdale, NY 1978. 27,5x21 cm., spine- stapled, 66pp. Per issue. Glossy covers.

EUR 900.00

The All-New All-Dope Magazine. "..A magazine devoted exclusively to getting high". "Stone Age will probe dope -chemical and natural- to reveal its hidden treasures like a jeweler" Editor Gilbert Choate. Number 1: Christmas Collector's issue! Includes Graham Greene's article "Opium in Old Vietnam" and Norman Mailer interview "On Weed and Karma". Also Dean Latimer: Dope, Sex and Rock'n Roll; Number 2: Do-it-Yourself issue!, ; Number 3: Super Stoned issue! A. J. Weberman: How to Bogart A Joint. Each issue with the Stone Age Gazette, and reports on the drug scenes in Mexico, Amsterdam, etc.

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