The International Newspaper

- A collection of 50 issues, from the start in 1967 till 1971 [Years 1-5] with erratic and often false or misleading numbering. Our description follows the publication dates and we offer as follows:
- [First year]:
Vol. 1 no 1;
Vol. 1 no 2 (frayed along the edges);
Vol. 1 no 3 (frayed along the edges);
Vol. 1 no 4;
Vol. 1 no 6;
Followed by an undated issue: “Free issue June 1967” (this copy repaired with tape);
Vol. 1 no 7 (bad condition);
Vol. 1 no 9;
Vol. 1 no 10, OZ ISSUE;
Vol. 1 no 11 (paperspotted);
Vol. 1 no 12;
Vol. 1 no 13 (this entitled “Shinjuku Sutra”, in 2 versions, also Shinjuku Sutra # 2);
Followed by an unnumbered issue dated January 1968 (published in Los Angeles).
- [Second year]:
First issue (of Other Scenes & The New York Seer), March 1968;
Second issue, Vol. 2 no. 2, May 1968;
Vol. 2 no. 3, June 1968;
Vol. 2 no. 4 = VENICE BIENNALE), July 1968;
Vol. 2 no. 5, August 1968;
Followed by two unnumbered issues, both dated September 1968 with different content;
- Then continued as:
(Vol. 1, error should be) Vol. 2 no. 6, September 1968;
(Vol. 1, error should be) Vol. 2 no. 7, October 1968;
(Vol. 1, error should be) Vol. 2 no. 8, November 1968;
(Vol. 1, error should be) Vol. 2 no. 9, December 1968 'The young Dylan' lightly damaged;
Special Digest Issue Oct-Dec 1968;
(Vol. 1, error should be Vol. 2 no. 10, January 1969.
- [Third year]:
3rd year no. 2, February 1969;
3rd year no. 4, April 1969 incplt;
Special Digest Issue, May 1969;
3rd year no. 6, June 1-14, 1969 (cover damaged);
Vol. 3 no. 7, June 15-30, 1969;
Vol. 3 no. 8, July 1-14, 1969;
Vol. 3 no. 10, August 1, 1969;
Vol. 3 no. 11, August 15, 1969 (including the Summer Rerun Section);
Vol. 3 no. 12, September 1, 1969 (pencil on the cover);
Vol. 3 no. 14, Sept. 30;
Vol. 3 no. 15, October 15;
Vol. 3 no. 16 (misnumbered, =17), December 1969 (spine damaged);
Vol. 3 no. 18, Christmas 1969 (light damage);
- [Fourth year]:
Fourth year no. 2, February 1970;
Fourth year no. 4, April 1970;.
Fourth year no 5, May 1970;
Fourth year no 8, October 1970;
Fourth year no 10, December 1970;
- [Fifth year]:
Vol. 5 no. 1, Spring 1971;
Vol. 5 no 3, Fall 1971;
- Special issue dated June 22-30 (1969?), most of which consists of blank pages; details in Centerfold (= The Do It Yourself Newspaper Contest);
- A Nation of Gamblers issue [not dated] (bad condition)
- [Sixth year]:
nos 1/2/3/ January 1972. (HongKong);
An unnumbered issue published in the UK dated Sept. 1973.
John Wilcock's Other Scenes, ostensibly a fortnightly gazette, appears 20 times a year (but appearance is not necessarily always in the same format or can be in another manifestation). " Wilcock was one of the pioneer-founders of the Underground press and closely connected to Andy Warhol. He was also the first printer of Andy Warhol's Interview. Other Scenes was his own publication. It emerged from a column by that name (which Wilcock wrote for the East Village Other) to a full-scale paper about the international underground scene. Amongst the very numerous and varied contributions (a mix of original work and contributions by the network of correspondents quoting from the international underground press) we find Ed Ruscha (logo's for nos. 4 and Newsletter 4). J.J. Lebel, Claes Oldenburg (Juxtapositions,1 no 8), Simon Vinkenoog (Amsterdam City on the Make), Simon Watson Taylor, Geldzaher (a.o. on Warhol), Bill Beckman, David Widgery, Nad Freedland, Robert Wolf, Alan Kaprow, Rosemary and Tim Leary, Billy Name, Shunk-Kender (photography), Tuli Kupferberg, Pete Young, Les Levine, Ania Steckel (Photography). Pictorials by Norman Rubington (drawings reminiscent to Max Ernst), Tony Azuth, Gerard Malanga, Mazaro Nahoki, Gilbert Skelton, Denis-Lebois-Quarez, Chis Pelletier, Sine, John Bruce Walker, John Webster, Allen Katzman, Neil Phillips, Bill Hughes, Ray Johnson, John Byan, John Lennon and the Peace Campaign, Cathe Cozzi (collages), Billy Name, Irwin Goldstein, etc. ; 1967 no 2: Poem for Warner Stringfellow by John Sinclair; nice photocomposition on frontpage; 1967 no. 3 with compositions of photographs of beat bands,by Derek Taylor; letter from jail; 1967 Newsletter: Love-In Inventory; L.A. Weekend with Andy Warhol; 1967 no.4 Underground Press Syndicate Members First Meeting; photographs of Tuli Kupferbarg, Art Kunkin (selling prototype of L.A.Free Press). 1967 no 6: Jean Jacques Lebel, Claes Oldenburg, Simon Vinkenoog. 1967 no.11 is printed in green, on larger size; unfolded it has a poster "Tanea"on the backside; deals with the regime in Greece and censorship. 1967 no. 13 was published in Tokyo, December, produced in conjunction with SHINJUKU-SUTRA, Japan's first underground paper (printed on better paper, 24 pages). Martin Cohen on "Vinyl" (first Andy Warhol film shown in Japan; New Face of Buddha by Schecter; poem by Mikhai Kashmarin, Haneda Riot, Karmiol with photographs of Nichigeki, and other Japanese underground issues). 2 no 4 is Venice Biennale Edition (Wallace Berman,Yoko Ono, Kaprow, Nam June Paik, Christo, Ruscha), 3 no 5 has supplement Underground Cinema Eroticism and Visual Poetry Supplement (Warhol, Brakhage), etc.

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