Numbers 1-5. August 1965-April 1966. Cambridge/Mass. Stencilled typewritten bulletins of 4 pages,corners-stapled, folded for mailing. Together with an original used mailing envelope.

EUR 400.00

The PIC-Bulletin: Issued every month by Lisa Bieberman, Cambridge,Mass. (out of 35 numbers published). "Miss Bieberman, a resident of 26 Boylston St., Cambridge, runs a one-woman organization called the Psychedelic information Center for users of LSD and similar drugs. Her main aim is to bring psychedelic information out into the open because she believes people can use psychedelics constructively in their daily lives". While studying at Harvard University, Lisa Bieberman volunteered at Timothy Leary's office, later helping him with daily operations at Millbrook and acting as circulation manager for The Psychedelic Review. 1963, Lisa opened the Psychedelic Information Center near Harvard Square, where for a few years she sold photo-offset reprints of various topical publications, along with her own writings. She dreamed that similar information centers would someday be available in every major city, providing advice and factual data for people interested in learning about the potential benefits and possible pitfalls of psychedelics. In 1965, Lisa started publishing the bimonthly Psychedelic Information Center Bulletin; 35 issues were produced in total. In their 1967 book LSD--The Problem-Solving Psychedelic, authors Peter Stafford and Bonnie Golightly describe the PIC Bulletin as "the outstanding example of an LSD newsletter, focused around events associated with the burgeoning 'psychedelic information centers.'" Within her booklet Session Games People Play: A Manual for the Use of LSD, Lisa shared her no-nonsense advice for those considering trying psychedelics.