A PROJECTS AND PROCESS PAPER. Published in New York.(Experiments in Art and Technology, E.A.T.)

Volume 1 Nos.1-2 (all publ.). New York, Experiments in Art and Technology, April 14, 1969 - November 6, 1970. 12 pp. each. Folded tabloïds. 39×27,5 cm. (12); (12) pp. Illustrated. First issue folded one additional time. Excellent copies.
The only two issues published of this spin-off from E.A.T.’s exhibition activities. Published by Billy Klüver. Layout by Tom Gormley. Contributions include: "The Pavillion" by Billy Klüver, (on the Pepsi pavillion of Expo '70), Fujiko Nakay (Making of Fog or low-hanging stratus cloud) , Interview with Claes Oldenburg, Experiments in Art and Technology (Brooklyn Museum), Naum Gabo (Kinetic sculpture), Max Neuhaus and Ted Wolff Interview, Niels Young, and Project, Artists in India, etc. Rare complete.