An occasional magazine of the new poetries.

Nos. 1 (in fine reproduction), 2/3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8/10 (all published). Kersey, 'Church Steps', Spring 1969 - 1982. Original (partly illustrated) wrappers (8vo, expanding to 4to). With the record to volume 8/10.
Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies. Condition : very good/ near fine, some yellowing to covers, top corner of number 5 has a bump, contents & otherwise fine.
One of the key journals of sound poetry, visual and concrete poetry, edited and published by Nicholas Zurbrugg. - No. 1: (in photocopy) (24 pages + wrapper). With contributions by Stephen Bann, Thomas A.Clark, Dick Higgins, Anselm Hollo, Robert Lax, Edwin Morgan, B.P.Nichol, Jiri Valoch, Charles Verey, Pedro Xisto, Nicholas Zurbrugg; - No. 2/3 (32 pp) 'the new french poetries - the death of concrete' (Ben, Julien Blaine, Jean-François Bory, Henri Chopin, Pierre Garnier, Jochen Gerz, Jean Claude-Moineau, Gérald Rocher, Jean-Marie Le Sidaner); - No. 4 (40 pp) 'the poetry of sound / the sound of poetry' (David Brier, Henri Chopin, Bob Cobbing, Raoul Hausmann, Benard Heidsieck, Paul de Vree etc.); - No. 5 (43, 9 pp) 'the new visual & photo poetries of Japan'.(with the Tokyo Manifesto for Spatialism:1968- Kitasono Katue, Takeshi Koike, Takahashi Shohachiro, Shimizu Toshishiko, Ito Motoyuki, Okazaki Katzuhiko, Seichi Niikuni, Yutaka Ishii, Shoji Yoshizawa). Other contributions by Charles Amirkhanian, Thomas A. Clark, Cobbing, Jandl, Lax, Maurizio Nannucci , a.o.; - No. 6 (70 pp) 'the treated text'. Contributions include.: David Briers, Lourdes Castro, Henri Chopin, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Pierre Garnier, Gomringer, Morgan, Cobbing, de Vree, Houdéard, Clark, Amirkhanian, Maurizio Nannucci, Raoul Hausmann, Tom Phillips, Ed Ruscha, Ben Vautier, Edgardo Antonio Vigo, Lawrence Weiner, Nicholas Zurbrugg, Paul Gette, a.o.; - No 7 (54 pages in wrappers). Contributions include Emil Antonucci, Kitasono Katué, Samuel Beckett, Avigdor Arikha, Lourdes Castro, Bryon Gysin, Raoul Hausmann, Heidsieckm Robart Lax, Franz Non, Franciszka & Stefan Themerson, John Christie, Hans Richetr, etc.;- No. 8/9/10: (80 pages in pictorial wrappers and with a 45 rpm Record). On the record: Canal Street Readings. Contributions include Samuel Beckett, David Briers, William Burroughs, Lourdes Castro, Henri Chopin, Bernard Heidsieck, Ernst Jandl, David Johnstone, Friedricke Mayröcker, Barry McCallion, Tom Phillips, etc.

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