CLAVE (Léon Trotzky)

Tribuna Marxista.

Primera Epoca Nos. 1-9; Secunda Epoca Nos. 1, 2, 5 ,6, 7, 8-9 (in one issue); 10-13 (in one issue). Tercera Epoca No. 1 (all published). Mexico, D.F., 1 October 1938 - Mayo de 1941. Together 17 issues. Original wrappers, stapled in the spine (staples rusting), despite inevitable browning due to the paper quality all issues are in reasonable state (one issue repaired in the spine).

EUR 2,000.00

Léon Trotzky's journal, which he published in Mexico till his assassination in 1940, with the final issue commemorating him. "Organo de la IV Internacional". The first issue opens: "Mexico no debe ir a la guerra imperialista. Declaracion del Cuerpo de Redaccion". Contributions by Léon Trotzky,García Cestero, Diego Rivera, Adolfo Zamora, S.Stanley, Juan Luis Velasquez, G. Munis, Corpena Blanco, Adolfo Zamora, Garcia Trevino, M. Grandizo, J.Gerland, many unsigned or under pseudonym (Casanova). Drawing by Carlo. The issue April/May 1940 is a special issue 'La crisis en el Partido Norteamericano', articulo fundamental de Trotzky. Serie 2 no 10/13: "Despues de esta guerra que…? Hablan la Cuarta Internacional y Léon Trotzky". In the last issue (May 1941) Natalia Sedova Trotzky writes a substantial contribution: "Asi fue, el martes 20 de agosto de 1940, a las siete de la manana". "Llegará la venanza contra los asesinos". Also articles by G.Munis, O. Ficher.

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