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Nos. 1-15 (all published, without No. 13 which was probably never published). Milano, Edizione della Bassoli Fotoincisioni, 1960-1968. Loose-leaf and/or in the original wrappers, kept in the original black cardboard slipcases, 31 x 25 cm. (Some of the slipcases rather worn at the edges; vols. 9,10,11,12 with the original wrap-around intact; only Vol. 3 without slipcase)
Director: Raffaele Bassoli. Each volume contains contributions by contemporary Italian writers, artists, photographers, graphic designers, etc., in loose-leaf form and small booklets in various sizes, executed in different printing techniques by Bassoli Fotoincisioni. Included are publicity leaflets, typographical lay-outs, multiples, manifestos, posters, visual poetry, photographs, etc. Includes work by
Bianconi, Bonfanti, E. Carmi, G. Confalonieri, S. Dangelo, S. Fiume, A. Gastaldi, M. Huber, H. Osterwalder (Studio Boggeri), B. Munari, M. Provinciali, F. Rognoni, L. Spacal, A. Testa, P. Tovaglia, E. Treccani, a.o. Texts by G. Arpino, C. Belloli, G. Bocca, A. Borlenghi, J.L. Borges, D. Buzzati, R. Carrieri, G. Celant, P. Chiara, R. De Grada, G. Dorfles, G. Ferrata, S. Fiume, T. Kezich, G. Pontiggia, a.o;Vol. 14: Numero speciale dedicato al caminetto ( Dedicated to the Fireplace), Vol. 15: Numero monografico di "Imago" (n. 15), dedicato alla automobile di stile (Dedicated to the designed autocar), realizzato in edizione speciale per la Pininfarina Spa. Bibliographic searches have not resulted in locating a copy of a Volume 13; the only sets offered in the trade are without vol. 13, and we may assume that this has never been published.

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