Number 1 and 2 (all published). Berkeley, CA, 1972/73. 26x19,5 cm., glued in the spine, softcovers, unpaginated. Mimeograph printing. Covers lightly soiled (in particular no 2).
Experimental poetry magazine. Edited by Jim Rosenberg. Contributions from David Bromige, Jim Rosenberg, Arthur Sze, R.G.Barnes, Fred Berry, Karen Daley, Gary Fitts, Sherril Jaffe, Ann Kim, Mary Norbert Korte, Mac McClain, Adrianne Marcus, Clive Matson, Michael Palmer, David Schaff, Lynn Shoemaker, Marty Mosko, Jean Puphrey, David Schaff, Rodger Scott, Mark I. Smith, Lynn Strongin, Peter Veblen, & Elaine Zimmerman.

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