Nos. 1-3 (all publ.) San Germán (Puerto Rico): Inter American University, 1960-1962. Three issues; also numbered as Vol. 1 nos 1-2; Vol. 2 no 1). Nice clean copies. Printed by Allen Swallow in Denver. Cover design by Man Ray.
Edited by Gilbet Neiman. Produced at the Inter American University of San German, Puerto Rico. Contributors include Henry Miller, Anselm Hollo, Russell Edson, Robert Lowry, Harry Roskolenko, Gil Orlovitz, George Dillon, Daisy Aldan, David Cornel DeJong, Allen Ginsberg, Duchamp, Gregory Corso, Man Ray, William S. Burroughs, Edward Dorn, Gary Snyder, William Carlos Williams, Creeley, Ginsberg, Breton, Nin, and Mina Loy.