A subterranean magazine.

Numbers 1-3 (all publ ). New York, NY, The New American Library 1970 (A Signet Book).18x11 cm, softcovers, 192pp each. All three have a touch of wear to edges, minor reading creases.
Countercultural paperback magazine. Editor: Mel Howard. Associate member of the Underground Press Syndicate. Contents reprinted from a wide range of underground papers, including: John Sinclair and the MC5; Eldridge Cleaver and the Black Panthers; Jud Yalkut (USCO commune); Jerry Rubin; John Wilcock; Herbert Marcuse; George Metesky ('Fuck the System'); Hugh Romney (the Hog Farm); Allen Ginsberg; Timothy Leary; Jane Alpert; S. Clay Wilson; R. Crumb, a.o. With numerous illustrations and photographs.