Numbers 1-9 (all publ.). Berkeley, CA, July 1970- July 1971. Tabloid newspaper format, 34pp each. Offset B&W and color. In good clean condition.

EUR 1,800.00

Countercultural journal, edited by Gerard van der Leun, published by Christopher Weills.
Includes interviews with Allen Ginsberg (+ his "Police State Blues"), Jerry Garcia, Melvin Peebles, B.B. King, Jerry Lee Lewis, Divine, and Country Joe; comic strips by S. Clay Wilson and Robert Crumb; artwork by Satty, Greg Irons, and David Singer; camp troupe The Cockettes; communes in Taos, Mexico; Tom Clark; Kenneth Anger; Ed Sanders; "Trash", "Performance", "Gimme Shelter" reviewed; Kathmandu; Gary Snyder ("Spel Against Demons"); the rise of the New Right; Scientology; The Process Church; Krishna Consciousness; Synanon; Ayn Rand; John Lennon and Primal Scream; the JFK assassination; H.P. Lovecraft; drug addiction; Robert Anton Wilson and Robert J. Shea on LBJ; William Burroughs and others.
Complete runs are scarce,in particular the first issue which had been banned in several US cities, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, and New York.

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