Numbers 1-3 (all publ.). San Francisco, CA, 1972. 28x21,5 cm., stapled in colourful covers, 64pp each. B&W and color. In good clean condition.
Full title: The Ripp Off Review of Western Culture, produced by the Rip Off Press. Edited by J. David Moriaty. An underground comix magazine featuring articles, stories, photographs, illustrations and comic art. Contributors include artists S. Clay Wilson, Victor Moscoso (incl. the front cover of no. 2), Joel Beck, Jim Franklin, Gilbert Shelton, and Pat Ryan; writers Lewis McAdams and Tom Clark, Bruce Jackson, PJ O'Rourke, Ron Siegel, Lennart Bruce, and Frank Stack; and photographers William Irwin, Michael Heinichen, Richie Fiddler, Peter Gent, and Ike Baruch. "Uncle Sam Takes LSD" newsprint insert in first issue.