a collective artists'periodical,

Joseph Nechvatal publisher: Jordan Crandall of X-Art Foundation, New York
Ed. X-Art Foundation, New York
Blast - a collective artists' periodical, a box incl. small objects and printed matter, ed. X-Art Foundation, New York
-Blast 1, red cardboard box, ca. 45 x 34 x 3,5 cm; incl. Weiner and other (anonymous) artists, n.d. (1991). (This box also referred to as the Blue Box in 1996 Art Review)
-Blast 2: The Spatial Drive, 1992, yellow cardboard box, ca. 51 x 38 x 4 cm, incl. Marina Abramovic, Mary Kelly, Hélio Oiticica, a.o.
-Blast 3, black cardboard box, anonymous contributions included. This box "Remaking Civilisation", dated 1993.
-Blast 4: Bioinformatica, dark green cardboard box, 1995; Art objects collection. Box and fitted lid, 15 x 12 x 3 inches. Limited to 500 copies. Containing eight works on paper, one floppy disk, 17 multiples, nine artist's publications, 15 printed leaves, one collage, one subscription card, one CD, one photograph, one slide transparency and one poster.
All 4 together, believed all published.
Joseph Nechvatal publisher: Jordan Crandall of X-Art Foundation, New York. It has been impossible to determine if the contents of the boxes is complete, most of the objects included are unsigned, unnamed and not registered in any way. The boxes were obtained directly from the collector who received them at the time, and he claims that they are as then received.

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