PERMANENT FOOD (Maurizio Cattelan)

LIMITED EDITION: Complete set of all 15 numbers published: Nos. 1-15 (all publ.). Milano, Dijon, Les Presses Du Reel. 1996-2007. All in the special limited edition of 50 copies for the complete set, each number signed, often inscribed, and numbered (6 issues limited to 50 copies, 7 issues limited to 70 copies and 2 issues limited to 95/100 copies). The cord tying the 2 issues of no 10 together is not present, otherwise the set in very fine condition.

A full set IN THE SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION of the famous "cannibale" periodical, edited/published by Maurizio CATTELAN and Paolo Manfrin, with Dominique Gonzales-Foerster. Fully described in "In Numbers(Aarons/Roth)", where all the front-covers are reproduced. ... "Drawing its substance from images conscripted from an international stockpile of other magazines, P.F. has been generally devoid of explanation, except for a short declaration in which P.F. characterizes itself as 'a second generation magazine with a free copyright'. As a whole the magazine works on the principle that to put together two images makes the meaning of those images completely different". Brought together in each issue is a thoroughly bewildering,shocking, amusing and grotesque selection of images culled from anywhere, everywhere, and nowhere. The project began in 1996 as an outgrowth of Cattelan's participation in he group exhibition Moral Maze at Le Consortium in Dijon, with Pierre Huyghe and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster. Contributors include Vanessa Beecroft, Angela Bulloch, Claude Closky, Anne Frémy, Liam Gillick, Carsten Höller, Maurizio Nannucci, Philippe Parreno, Wolfgang Tilmans, a.o. for the first number, and many anonymous contribution and images taken from the international glossy press. Aarons warns that listed contributors in his bibliography should be approched with skepticism, as identities may be concealed behind pseudonyms or misspellings (e.g. Batman, Roobin Hood, Superman,Mata Hari). The first few issues were published with financial support from Le Consortium. Gonzalez-Foerster departed after number one, and was replaced by Paola Manfrin, and McCann Erickson as artistic director. See extensively Aarons/Roth, In Numbers p.306-311) No. 1 - [August 1996]. 95 copies, with the printing blue-toned throughout, numbered on inside rear cover together with a little red heart. No. 2 - [March 1996]. 100 numbered copies, orange-toned throughout, and with "Diffidate delle Imitazioni" inscribed on inside back cover. No. 3 - [October 1996]. 50 numbered copies, green-toned, with "EXTRAFOOD" inscribed on first page. No. 4 - [1996]. 48 numbered copies, with the yellow printed off-register and "PERMANENT YELLOW" inscribed on inside back cover. No. 5 - [1997]. 50 numbered copies, with the cyan printed off-register and "PF" inscribed on the final page. No. 6 - [1998]. 50 numbered copies, with the cover and some pages printed in colour, the rest pale green. "PERMANENT FOOD" inscribed on final page (the 'O's of the word Food are replaced with hearts). No. 7 - [1998]. 50 numbered copies, with the pale green off-register, and "1 2 3 4 5 6 7" inscribed on inside back cover. No. 8 - [2000-1]. 50 numbered copies, with three holes punched through the entire issue, and with "What Would Jesus Say?" inscribed on the final page. No. 9 - [2003]. 70 numbered copies, with all the pages remaining uncut, and a peace sign and heart inscribed on the penultimate page. No. 10 - [2003]. 70 copies published in two complimentary, partially printed volumes.The original cord tying the two together is no longer present. "Food Stuff All You Can Ingest $1.50" inscribed on one cover. Supplement to Vogue Italia - [2003] - extra number. 70 numbered copies, with the magazine sewn shut with pink thread along the fore-edge, and with a small swastika inscribed on rear cover. No. 11 - [2004]. 70 numbered copies, with the entire magazine cut in two horizontally across the middle, and the halves then pasted together. Inscribed with "11" within a star on front cover, numbered on rear cover. (No. 12) No. B - [2004]. Issue 12 was designated "issue B". 70 numbered copies, with an orange spine and "New!" stamp pasted to front cover. (Issue 13 was not published) No. 14 - [2005]. 70 numbered copies, with the covers inverted, and with "Permanent Food" handwritten across the top of the front cover. No. 15 - [2007]. 70 numbered copies, with a large hole drilled through the centre of the entire issue, and with the issue number hand-drawn around the hole.

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