An alternative anthology of contemporary West Coast.

Vol. 1 no. 1 thru Vol. 7 no. 1 (complete as far as published as a print publication, also numbered as Nos. 1-25, but lacking no. 10. Continued as an electronic journal). San Francisco, Ca., 1975-1984. In the orig. wrappers or unbound as issued. Including rare No. 12: Newsstand Edition Art Contemporary August 1978, published as a special issue of Only Paper Today. All in good condition, only No. 18 has stained front cover. After 7 no 1 continued as an electronic journal.
" Nourishing source: la mamelle. A space for art. "
After no. 4 as LA MAMELLE MAGAZINE: ART CONTEMPORARY). Edited by Carl E. Loeffler.
"Art Com, a medium for contemporary Art communications, is published on a quarterly basis by artists for artists and functions as a chronicle of contemporary new Art activity occurring in North America; Mexico, Canada, and the United states. Art Com presents information regarding telecommunications, performance, artists' spaces, conceptual and idea oriented work, videotapes, recordings, artists' books, Art periodicals, and marginal activity."
- Volume 1 nos.1- 2 (Summer-Fall 1975. Berkeley, 1975. Orig. wrappers. 21,5x27,5cm (first issue with light wear, no 2 fine).
Then changing to tabloid format 45x30 cm, on newsprint, folded once (with light wearon the fold):
- Vol.1 no. 3 Special Video Issue; Vol.1 no 4 Special Performance Issue.
Then changing to quarto 9: From Europe 12: Newsstand edition, Special issue of Only Paper Today; no. 13 Retrospective issue.
(See Allen Artists'Magazines p 276).

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