Revue d'information panique (et de Roman Cieslewicz).

Nos. 1-3 (all published). Paris, juin 1976 - octobre 1997. Large folio, printed on heavy white paper. With numerous photographs and illustrations. No.1 includes the four signed original graphics (limited to 120 copies); no hors-textes were published for the subsequent issues.
Magnificent publication, directed by Roman Cieslewicz (Christian Bourgeois for no. 1). Issues from 40 to 60 pages, with full-page illustration and photographs by Rodchenko, Christian Boltanski, Roland Topor, David Bayley, Mark Busse; No. 1: 1976. Entendre. Texte de F. Arraba. WITH FOUR SIGNED NUMBERED SERIGRAPHIS ON FULL PAGE BY ROLAND TOPOR, OLIVIER O.OLIVIER, OSCAR DE WIT, ROMAN CIESLEWICZ. No. 2: 1991. Voir. Text by Jean-Christope. Bailly. No. 3: Sentir. Text by Véronique Petit.

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