Revue de l'Art actuel. Art et Architecture actuels / Presentday Art and Architecture.

A set from 1953 to 1959 as follows:
Série 1: Nos. 1-8 cplt. (nov. 1953- juillet/août 1954); Série 2: Nos. 1-8 cplt; (sept/oct. 1954- juillet 1955); Série 3: Nos.1-8 cplt. (oct/nov .1955- juillet/août 1956); Série 4: nos. 1-6 cplt. (sept/oct. 1956-juillet/aout 1957); Série 5 Nos. 1-6 cplt. (sept/oct. 1957-juillet/sept.1958); Série 6 Nos. 1-5 cplt. (oct/nov. 1958-juin/août 1959); All in the original pictorial wrappers, in the first years with original lino- or lithographed covers (size of the first two years 21,9 x18,5 cm., then becoming 24,5 x19,8 cm.). (without série 2 no 5, avril 1955; série 6 no 4, 1959 2e trim.). A few spines lightly damaged, but otherwise a good clean set of the essential first 41 numbers.
TOGETHER with 4 (of 5) issues of the precursor, Bulletin trimestriel, Janvier 1953-Juillet 1953. Original illustrated (lino/lithographed) wrappers.
We offer 4 of the rare first five issues as Bulletin bimestriel, by Galerie Arnaud, (preceeded the actual start in November 1953) : No. 2: lino by R. Lapoujade, and by C. Maussion inside; No. 3: lino by Carrade on cover and by Koenig inside; contribs. by Seuphor, Max Ackermann, Le Corneur, Kalinowski; handwritten note on backcover; No. 4/5: lino by Bertini and by Navarro and Enard inside.
Then the actual periodical started as 'Revue de l'art actuel': Directed by J. R. Arnaud. Articles, features and documentation on modern and avant-garde art movements (in particular lyrical- abstract) in France as well as in other European countries and in the United States (e.g. Special issue Regard sur l'art américain, nov./dec, 1956). Contributors include R.-V. Gindertael, Michel Ragon, Herta Wescher (reporting on German art), Dore Ashton (contacts with the USA), Michel Seuphor, Pierre Restany (in particular for Italy), Gilles Plazy, Daniel Abadie, Maiten Bouisset, Pierre Cabanne, Jean-Jacques Lévêque, André Wogenecky, etc.
In the first years colourful linographed and lithographed (later serigraphy) covers with work of: Deyrolle, Edg. Pillet, Manolis Calliyannis, Schneider, Jean Milo, Hartung, Legrand, Dumitresco, Corneille, Prassinos, Sugai, Ben Nicholson, Arp, Bertrand, Olson, Goebel, Carrade, Fichet, Mathieu, etc.

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