(Also entitled: Journal. A contemporary Art Magazine.)

Numbers 1-48 (all published). Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art (LAICA). Complete set June 1974 - February 1987. All original copies, most in fine condition (small shortcomings noted below).
Published initially simply as "Journal " (A contemporary Art Magazine), also as L.A.I.C.A . Journal (The Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art). Editors Fidel Danieli, Eleanor Antin,Julius Kaplan, Michael Auping, Barry Brennan, Bridget Johnson,Debra Burchett-Lere, Francis Colpitt, Michael Delgado, Cindy Berry, Douglas Blau, Jerry Dreva, Mareianna Ziotnick, Lane Reelya, Number 2 reports on the first LAICA General Membership Meeting, June 1974. Numbers 12-28 printed on a cheaper quality paper, mostly in b/w only, with occasional colour covers. From then on the magazine becomes more substantial and contains artists' pieces. No. 40 offers a survey of previous numbers. Featuring: John Baldessari, Eleanor Antin, Hans Burkhardt, Lorser Feitelson, Helen Lundeberg, Rachel Rosenthal, Allen Kaprow, Newton & Helen Harrison, Karl Benjamin, Ed Ruscha, John McLaughlin, Wallace Berman , Ruscha, Kaprow, Peter Krasnow, Rauschenberg, Charles & Ray Eames, Stan Brakhage, Erichard Prince, Boltanski, Richard Diebenkorn, Douglas Huebler, Number 28 is a very curious issue in which the entire publication is printed in mirror images, normal on the rectos and reversed on the preceding versos. From here on the magazine becomes much more substantial and contains many artists' pieces. Also various thematic issues(e.g.: Video art; Italian art; film, photography, Chicano art, Transatlantic artists, Transgressive phenomena, Music/Arty, Fluxus, Performance, Conceptualism, etc.
Small shortcomings to condition: Number 2 (light cover soilage), Number 6 (small staple holes in the first 32 pages front edge), Number 10 ( ballpoint markings and address label on front cover), Number 14 (browning of front cover, small hole in right hand corner bottom), Number 22 (felt tip marking top left front cover), Number 24 (light cover soilage).