Nos. 1-4/5 (= Vol. 1-2, all publ.). New York, Spring 1965 - Summer 1968. 8vo, Original wrappers., in excellent condition, also the fragile no 3 cover is in good condition (and not detached as is frequently the case). This perforated sticker cover (stamps designed by Andy Warhol: "Bomb Hanoi") was glue-backed and is rarely found intact, clean with the print over the glue, readable and not sticking to the content-pages. Our copy has the front cover free, but the back cover is stuck at the bottom over a very small area and is fairly clean. (Allen - Artists' Magazines. An alternative space for art, p. 298)
Complete collection of the avant-garde periodical edited by David Antin & Jerome Rothenberg. ANDY WARHOL contributed to issue No. 3 (Volume two, issue number one, Winter 1966) by designing its cover 'Bomb Hanoi'. This issue, 'Vietnam Assemblage' includes texts by Allen Ginsberg, Charles Bukowski, Paul Blackburn, Rochelle Owens and many others but '
is not an anthology of individual & numbered pieces on a single theme. It was compiled with the help of many hands, & in a special sense it is a communal effort - an overall structure made up of words, a language trap to close-with a state, a process, a system - something afflicting & evading all of us' (editor's note). No. 1: cover by Amy Mendelson; No. 2: cover sculpture by Robert Morris; No. 4/5 cover by George Maciunas. Other contributors include: Anselm Hollo, Ted Berrigan, Jackson Mac Low, Carolee Schneemann (No 2 features photos and text from Carolee Schneemann's "Meat Joy" performance).
No. 3, with a perforated sticker cover by Andy Warhol (Bomb Hanoi), gathers, Gerard Malanga, Allan Kaprow, Hans Arp, etc.

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