Zeitschrift für junge dichtung, grafik, kritik, versuch.

Nos. 0, 1/2, 3 (Sonderheft Niederländische und Flämische Lyrik und Prosa), 4, 5, 6 (Texte von Psychisch Kranken), 7/8 "Gegen den Krieg in Vietnam" (book, 88 pages, in smaller format, an anthology with 39 firstprints of german authors). Wanderup, Nov. 1963–1968. 4to. Original wrappers. Illustrated, with original graphics. Stencilled, stapled. Published in an edition varying from 72-200 copies.
Added: some publicity leaflets of the publisher.

EUR 2,800.00

Nr. 0 (1963). With 3 signed linocuts by Jane Tech-Balsgaard Nr. 1/2 (1964), Marked on the cover as No. 1. With 3 Graphics (1 signed by Cloy (i. e. Klaus-Ove Kahrmann), Beilagen. Nr. 13 von 70 Ex. Nr. 3 (1964) - Sonderheft: Flämische und niederländische Lyrik und Prosa - bilingual. With graphic by Kahrmann and Beilagen. Nr. 155 von 200 Ex.small stain on front wrapper and first 6 pages, otherwise good condition Nr. 4 (1965). Grey cover with 2 unicate (pasted on top front cover and inside back cover) by Kahrmann, 1 Graphic of typewriter points by Timm Ulrichs, 3 additional pieces by Timm Ulrichs (2 Manifeste and an invitation of Galerie Patio, 1966). Nr. 101 von 150 Ex. (One missing page on the poems by Timm Ulrich added in fine photocopy) Nr. 5 (1966). With 2 signed graphics by Klaus-Ove Kahrmann, 1 signed graphic by Norbert Richter ("Im Untergrund") and 1 signed graphic by Astrid Kayser. Additionally on the impressum page a pasted in ornament drawing (Feltpen 1966, signed by R. Q. Tode). Nr. 42 von 150 Ex. Nr. 6 (1967) - Sonderheft: Texte von geistig kranken Menschen. Deckel with pasted on title graphic “amBEATion Nr. 6”, with pasted in autograph of one of the autors, and a large folded orig.(2 sided) drawing by Altermann (Pseudonym). (This was included only in nos. 1-35; this copy no. 12, but impressum page in copy) Nr. 7/8 (1968) -Book: Gegen den Krieg in Vietnam. Anthology with 39 Authors, most firstprints. Vorzugsaugabe with orig signed graphics by Klaus-Ove Kahrmann and signed by the editor. Nr. 58 of 200 Ex. Guter Zustand. - Plus: a few extra graphic prints and promotional material Re amBEATion. (together 15 pieces, different sizes).

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