The All American Humor Magazine:

Vol.1 no 1 to Vol.2 no 3 (all published?). New York, NY, Adrian B. Lopez 1975. 27,5x21cm., stapled, between 70pp. and 78pp. Offset. (In Vol. 2 no 2 the front cover was torn and has been repaired. The rest of the magazine is in pristine condition) TOGETHER WITH PRECURSOR: - HARPOON. The New American Humor Magazine. Numbers 1-3 (all publ.). NY, Adrian B. Lopez 1974/75. 27,5x20cm., stapled, 71pp. Offset. (From here: Apple Pie).
Edited by Dennis H. Lopez. The All American Humor Magazine:
Vol. I, no1: Flatulence issue; Vol. I, no 2: Smut issue; Vol. I, no3: Senseless Violence issue; Vol. I, no4: Hard Times for Jackie? Issue; Vol. I, no5: Smart issue; Vol. II, no1: I was a CIA assassin; Vol. II, no2: Jack Ford is not a marijuana addict; Vol. II, no3: Our pick for president '76 announced!
Harpoon: No.1: Balls for Women; No. 2: Fish Issue; No. 3: Roughing Up Santa.; Then followed by