(and THE HARVARD REVIEW) Nos. 1-11 (all publ.). Cambridge, New York, Summer 1963 - Winter 1970/71. Size (h/w): 22,8 x 15 cm., sizes of nos. 9-11 between 20,5 x 20,5 cm. and 27,9 x 21,6 cm. Nos. 9-11 illustrated. Original illustrated wrappers.
Together with a copy of THE HARVARD REVIEW, vol. 1, no. 4, the "Drugs and the Mind" issue printing Leary's "The Politics of Consciousness Expansion". This is the issue that got Leary thrown out of Harvard and caused him to start the
Psychedelic Review. Covers of this issue grubby and a bit stained,also some stains inside, but a reasonable copy of this rare number.The issues of Psychedlic Review in excellent condition.
Scarce complete run of this magazine edited by Paul A. Lee, Ralph Metzner, Gunther M. Weil, Timothy Leary, Felix Morrow and other psychedelic pioneers. Articles by Alan Watts, R. Gordon Wasson, Richard Evans Schultes, Albert Hofman, Menri Michaux, Art Kleps, Steward Brand, René Daumal, R.D.Laing, etc. Research, influence, experiences, regulations, information on the use of LSD and other psychedelic drugs. "... The Psychedelic Review is a quarterly devoted to the study of LSD, mescalin and the other psychopharmacological substances sometimes known as mindopening or consciousness-altering drugs. These studies also extend to nonpharmacological methods of altering consciousness: hypnotism, yoga, zen and other ancient and modern means...".

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