GENERAL HERSHEYBAR. Den Haag (NL), Handicap Publications (1967). Only published issue: 28x21,5 cm., stapled, 128pp.
General Hersheybar (aka Calypso Joe) is a satirical character of the Vietnam War-era protest movement, who parodied U.S. General Lewis B. Hershey, then Director of the Selective Service. He was usually seen partnered with General Waste More Land (aka Tom Dunphy), a parody of General William Westmoreland. The characters were common at street theater performances and demonstrations against U.S. military involvement in Vietnam. General Hersheybar would appear in a comical military uniform complete with a plastic toy fighter-jet attached to his "officer's cap" and hand out fliers promoting his satirical diatribe. In addition he self-published several monographs and booklets.
A one shot underground magazine from the sixties from the eccentric anti-war hero. Profusely illustrated by collage, including clipping from other underground press magazines of the era. Scarce; oclc locates but three copies.