A Monthly Newspaper of Contemporary Kulchur

Volume 1 Number 1 and Number 2. January-June 1967. Tabloid. Folded newspapers. The scarce first 2 issues . (Number 2 complete, Number 1 lacks pages 13-16). Both issues folded; printed on newsprint in black and red added. Newsprint, yellowed; edgewear, in particular to the first issue.
The first issues of this tabloid produced by an editorial team at the Detroit Artists' Workshop Press, From the second volume it changed to 'broadside' format and became a vehicle for marginal countercultural expression including revolutionary poetry and provocative political rhetoric. Published at the height of the White Panther - Detroit Free Press literary movement. Allen Van Newkirk was editor, with Ellen Phelan as art editor, and Michael McClure, Stan Brakhage, Diane Di Prima, John Sinclair ,Robert Kelly, David Meltzer, Gary Snyder, Joel Oppenheimer, Sun Ra, etc. No. 1 Includes Breton on Revolutionary Art, a 12 page Jazz Section, poetry by Di Prima, John Wieners and Michael McClure and more No. 2 Includes Tom Buri on William Burroughs, John Sinclair on Jazz and Bebop, poetry by Di Prima and Robert Kelly, Gilbert Sorrentino on avant-rock and more.

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