Four issues: July 1968, May 1969, July 1969, November-December 1969 (4 of a total of 8 published) ) Genova: Edizione Masnata / Galleria La Bertesca, luglio 1968 - 1969. Pallone was published irregularly by the Gallery La Bertesca in Genua.

EUR 1,600.00

-guglio 1968. Genova: Edizioni Masnata/la Bertesca, 1968. Quarto, 14 pages in self wrappers, more then 40 photographic illustrations. This issue prints: Piccolo Manifesto di un’esigenza by Renato Mambor and Nanni Cagnone; Provocazione afona by Icaro and Cagnone; progetto irrealizzato + apunto sul manifesto by Mambor; il mio occhio by Icaro; MA / LI / DU / K / POL / WA by Emilio Prini.
- maggio 1969. Genova: Edizioni Masnata/la Bertesca, 1969. Quarto, 12 pages in self wrappers, with 5 photographic plates printed on the left hand page. Photographic wrappers. Front wrapper with some minor abrasions and light soiling, otherwise very good. - Monographic issue. The front wrapper reproduces 4 photographic images, three of which are reframed fragments of ‘a photographed photograph’. The 5 photographs show an alienating, illogical, but surprising sequence of images of a performance by mambor himself. Collaborazione fotografica Silvio Pasquarelli. Informazioni.
-Novembre – Dicembre 1969. Genova: Edizioni Masnata / Trentalance, 1969. Quarto, 64 pages printed on different colored stock, 17 illustrations of which one in color. Printed boards with blue cloth backstrip. - Contributions by Carl Laszlo: Grützke”; Gianni Emilio Simonetti: “Area Condizionata, Potpoured” da Flash Art №12; Tommaso Trini: Castelli “Margo”; Claudio Costa: “Globus”; Tommaso Trini: “ Frammento da un diaIogo registrato fra Tommaso Trini e Claudio Costa”;Germano Beringheli: “Lettera a Costa”; Gianni Emilio Simonetti: “PROjetACTION about Idea.real S.culture”. Photographs by Barboni Buffoni, TrentaIance and HiIde Zenker.
-Luglio 1969. Quarto. 34 pages printed on different colored stock, 10 illustrations. Printed self wrappers.Wrappers slightly soiled. - . Special issue realized by Claudio Costa and Roberto Maini.

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