5 issues (Numbers 9, 13-16) out of 18 published. July 1978 - April 1979 Zürich, Switzerland.
No fun. (5 of a total of 18 nrs. published) Zurich: Self published, october 1977 - june 1980. ‘No fun’ was the first German language Punk-fanzine. Issues of 24-28 pages, quarto.
-Nr. 9. July, 1978. Zurich: 1978. Rasta Revolution; sound check singles, Elvis Costello suicide, alternative tv, mothers ruin… + beilage: El Torrero Pjotr Kraska
- Nr. 13. Dezember, 1978. The Rezillos; Die 3Genialen Alben von den Clash, Sham69 und X-Ray Spex; Die Wahnwitzige entertainer…;Ramones; Adam and the Ants; Ian Dury, Neon…
- Nr. 14. Februar, 1979. TNT’s im hey; John Lydon; Clash; sound check; sperma; interview Sid Vicious; Reggea joe gibbs discographie; jimmy cliff…
- Nr. 15. März, 1979. Bob Andrews; Generation X; Billy Idol/Bob Andrews; Adam & The Ants; Lurkers; Teds’n’ Punx united: shotgun Eddie & the Ravers…sperma…sick; teenage jeuse and the jerk
- Nr. 16. April, 1979. Reggeae, Israel Vibration; Rudolph Dietrich; Die Fruhjahs kollektion, Wire; TNT; Mothers TuinBig Youth; Tapper Zukie; Sound check; Songs of Jah, Freddy Mackay; The Red Crayola..

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