Jugendeigene Zeitschrift (later: Kalligrammatische & Logografische Literaturrevue).

Nos. 1-10 (all publ.). Itzehoe, Berlin, 1960-1965. 8vo; original self-wrappers.In box with perspex see-through front.
Concrete poetry and art periodical published and edited by the brothers Rolf-Gunter and Klaus-Peter Dienst. Heavily influenced by The Beat poets. Nicely produced, from no 4 onw. most numbers printed in two colours. With firstprints and texts by Franz Mon, OM (Martino Oberto), Burroughs (with Cut-Ups, in numbers 5, 6, 7) , H. Arp, E. Borchers, Raoul Hausmann, Bryan Gysin, H. Jandl, G. Luca, D. Wellershof, J. Cocteau (back cover of no. 7 has a full page drawing specially made for Rhinozeros). Number 8 is special issue 'Jean Dubuffet'. Also contributions by Lawrence Durrell, Robert Creeley, Renate Gerhardt, Antonis Risos, Gunter Grass, Katja Hajek, Anselm Hollo, Klaus Roehler, Dieter Hulsmanns, Reuven Wasserman, Herschel Silverman, Herman Jandl, Dieter Wellershoff, Carl Werner, Eva Van Hoboken, Jurgen Ploog, Arno Reinfrank, and Karl Roehler.

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