New York City Literary Magazine.

Numbers 1-33. The Poetry Project at St. Marks Church, New York, 1967-1971. (without nos. 9 and 12). Tall legal format, mimeographed and stapled in illustrated wrappers (after no. 33 size reduces to quarto). Light use and some dust-soil, otherwise the collection is in very good condition.
Edited by Joel Sloman, Anne Waldman, and others. Writing in "Running Off The World", Anne Waldman said about the magazine: "The impulse was always toward the immediate community, so it covers most of the so-called New York School plus what comes after, with a bow toward Black Mountain, the Beats, San Francisco Renaissance, and the New York Scene (not 'school'), as well as many independent folk and younger writers from workshops. It was arty, political, experimental, classy, corny, unaligned." - quoted in A Secret Location on the Lower East Side. By Steven Clay & Rodney Philips. (N.Y.: NYPL & Granary Books, 1998), p.188. Contributors include: Vito Acconci, John Ashbery, Bill Berkson, Ted Berrigan, Joe Brainard, Rucy Buckhardt, Jim Carroll, Tom Clark, Clark Coolidge, Robert Creeley, Kenward Elmslie, Dick Gallup, Allen Ginsberg, John Giorno, Barbara Guest, Frank Lima, Gerard Malanga, Bernadette Mayer, Michael McClure, Charles North, Alice Notley, Frank O'hara, Joel Oppenheimer, Ron Padgett, Ed Sanders, Peter Schjeldahl, James Schuyler, Tony Towle, Tom Veitch, Diane Wakowski, Lew Warsh, and Trevor Winfield among others. With cover designs by George Schneeman, Donna Dennis, Mike Goldberg, John Giorno, and others.

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