A group of 7 issues (from 12 published). Center for Experimental Art and Communication/Strike Press, Toronto. 1977/78. Tabloid on newsprint. ca 34pp per issue; folded once, edges lightly ragged. - Vol. I Number 5: "Sex and Politics", "The Last Performance". Cover: Marina Sieverding. - Vol. I Number 6: Articles by Amerigo Marras, Hervé Fischer, Michael Gibbs a.o.l. Cover Ulay and Marina Abramovic. - Vol. I Number 7: "Behaviour". (The Behaviour Workshop at the Free International University for Creative and Interdisciplinary Research (Caroline Tisdall, Martin New castle, Josef Beuys). This issue has small closed tear. - Vol. I Number 9 (and last): Articles by Peter Byrne, Arrigo Marras, Harley W. Lond a.o. Then becoming STRIKE (the new name for Art Communication Edition). - Vol. II Numbers 1-3 (all published): Tabloid format, (35pp each issue). Offset on newsprint. Vol. II, Number 1: Included in this issue is a survey of "Recordings by Artists" as well as an interesting essay on "Intending Bookness" by John Faichney. Vol. II, Number 2: "Torture, Post-Marxisme, Red Brigades". Vol. II, Number 3: "Joseph Beuys", "J.P. Sartre", "Canada’s KGB". Chiang Ching.

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Alternative art periodical from the Center for Experimental Art and Communication in Toronto. Editors (i.a.): Suber Corley, Bruce Eves, Paul McLellan, Amerigo Marras, Roy Pelletier, Rob Reid. Politics and performance, new media and publications. The content of vol. 2 no 3 caused that the Canadian Government withdrew all financial support and made further publication impossible. (Gwen Allen,236).

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