Numbers 1-3 (all publ.). . London (UK), Cinema Rising Ltd. 1972. Tabloid, unpaginated. Very good, almost mint set.

EUR 1,100.00

Ed. Tony Rayns. The first issue: The Naked Lunch on Film ?, background to Third World Cinema Film Festival, Film in Belfast; Cannes '72; Directory of Independent Film Makers; interview with Antony Balch (maker of "Towers Open Fire", "The Cut Ups", and "Bill & Tony"), and features stills of William Burroughs from "Towers Open Fire". Interview with Donald Cammell, incl. stills from "Performance" and a photo of the director with James Fox in Powis Square. Photos of Kenneth Anger at work; cover photo of Joe Dallesandro; etc. Number 2: Hitchcock's Frenzy, interviews with Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut, etc. Number 3 with an interview with Mike Hodges; reviews of Warhol movies shown at Cannes; Fellini's "Roma"; Hitchcock; "Fritz the Cat"; back page ad. for "A Clockwork Orange".