Tous les trois mois.

Nos. 1-5 (most probably all published, publication forbidden after no 5). Small 4to., ab 32 pages par issue; stapled in coloured pictorial wrappers, inside b/w. 32pp each issue, b&w contents, stapled into the original coloured illustrated paper wrappers. Paris, Éditions du Square, 1967-1976. In excellent condition and extremely rare.
Editor in chief: WILLEM (Bernhard HOLTROP). Comic with French text by the notorious editor and illustrator, wellknown for his contributions to the Dutch Provo=magazin 'God, Nederland and Oranje', as well as to L'Enragé, Charlie Hebdo, Hara-Kiri Hebdo, etc. The editorial for number 5 notes that the Minister of the Interior, Michel Poniatoiwski, found Surpise number 4 to be "dangereuse pour la jeunesse.." and forbade sales to minors. The covers of the premier issue is by Joost Swarte. Contributors include Kim Deitch, Riri le Spermatozoide, Bill Griffith, la bande a Bazooka, Joost Swarte, Chlodwig Poth, Bananar, Loulou, Phil, Poth, Oscar de Wit, Chapi, Dom Willoughby, Cathy Millet, Ever Meulen, Dave Geiser, Albert Rainbow, Morimoto, Poth, Phil, Kamagurka.

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