Volumes 1-7 (all publ.).Verlaggalerie Leaman, Düsseldorf, 1975-1983. Original pictorial vinyl ringbinders, containing only original artworks by avant-garde artists of the Gallery, and also many Fluxus related artists. All are looseleaves arranged between dividers with the names of the artists. A few SIGNED in pen or pencil, see below. Contains works on paper, card, photographs or other materials (e.g. broken mirrors pieces, plastic objects, dried leaves, collages,photocopies etc, 32x26 cm. Some of the plastic binders a bit soiled by offsetting xerox-toner, internally very good and clean (except for incidental very light foxing due to paper quality). - At the end of volume 1, pasted onto the inside back cover, is a white sheet of paper (25,5x8,5 cm), with SIGNATURES in pen or pencil, of Uecker, Rainer Ruthenbeck, Megert, Mölzer, Thomkins, Michael Gibbs, Ulises Carrion, with a stamp 19/100. - Volume 3 in a special edition with an extra frontispiece photograph by alex kayser - zak & kingbee, SIGNED IN FELT by each participating artist (Schleber, Schwegler, Gudmunsson, Kayser, Heerich, Spoerri, Nannucci, Hagenberg). The set from an edition of 500 copies,later 1000.
The complete set of these assemblages of visual poetry, objects, photographs, collages, mixed-media. Some SIGNED IN PEN OR PENCIL BY THE ARTISTS ( see below) -Vol. 1. (1975). Photographically illustrated inside cover with names of the artists: 44 leaves (unnumbered) of artworks by: Michael Gibbs, Leo Erb, Reiner Ruthenbeck, Christian Megert , Ulyses Carrion, Milan Mölzer, Günther Uecker. His contribution consists of 3 sheets of burlap and photofoil, SIGNED in pencil. Added an envelope with some small trimmed sheets of paper,11x22 cm, unopened, but artist not identified. On the inside back cover a white sheet of paper with the SIGNATURES of Uecker, Rainer Ruthenbeck, Megert, Mölzer, Thomkins, Michael Gibbs, Ulises Carrion -Vol. 2 (1976). Edited by Milan Mölzer. Title page by Arnulf Rainer. 46 sheets of varying sizes and materials, plus a plastic bag containing a dried wax-like substance. Contributors Francisco Pino, Adolf Luther, Norbert Kricke, George Brecht, Hubertus Gojowczyk, Alan Czarnowski, Stephan Kukowski, Vera Röhm, Rolf Bendgens, Geza Perneczky, Arnulf Rainer. -Vol. 3 (1977). Edited by Milan Mölzer. Titlepage by Alex Kayser. 54 unnumbered sheets with contributions by Alexander Schleber, Fritz Schwegler, S. Gudmundsson, Alex Kayser, Erwin Heerich, Daniel Spoerri, Maurizio Nannucci, Helfried Hagenberg. -Vol. 4 (1978). Edited by Milan Mölzer and Stephan Missmahl. Titlepage byAlex Kayser, 64 unnumbered sheets with contributions by Reinhard Omir, Ulrich Erben, Axel Heibel, Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Paul van Dijk, Francois Morellet, Hermann De Vries, Claudio Parmiggiani. An unidentified unsigned drawing on the colophon-page. -Vol. 5 (1980).Edited by Milan Mölzer. Title page byiFranklin Berger, 64 unnumbered sheets with contributions by Christian Boltanski, Emmett Williams, Jan Voss, Robert Filliou, John Armleder, Takako Saito, Jaqueline Monnier, Irma Blank, Hreinn Fridfinsson, Zofia Kulik & Przemys Kwiek. -Vol. 6 (1981). Edited by Milan Mölzer. Title page by Vera Rohem & Dieter Rohs, 59 unnumbered sheets with contributions byi Nam June Paik (SIGNED IN PEN BY THE ARTIST), Alison Knowles, Trevor Winkfield, Bob Cobbing, Luciano Ori, Michael Druks, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Bill Griffiths, Gerhard Rühm (one sheet with ADDED TEXT ("inzwischen verbessert") and SIGNATURE by the artist. -Vol. 7 (1983). Edited by Milan Mölzer. Title page by Gary Hincks, 56 unnumbered sheets with contributions by John Furnival, Sausan Hiller, Dick Higgins, Setve Wheatley, Rüri, Gilbert & George, Jean-Luc Vilmouth, Jeff Nuttal, Agnes Denes, Arrigo Lora Totino. (See: Gwen Allen - Artists' Magazines. An alternative space for art, p . 290].

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