Complete set of 10 issues [14,5 X 21 cm], stapled. In Octavo. Antwerp, Guy Schraenen éditeur, 1990/1991. DE LUXE EDITION, one of 20 with each an original signed artwork. Each issue is inserted in a corrugated carton cover, and the whole is again included in a corrugated carton container. [14 x 22 x 16 cm], with printed title label. Added: Octavo 12. Nanne Meyer. The only issue published of a new series that never was realised (one of 500 copies).

EUR 3,500.00

The following artists have contributed: Aeschbacher “Tian Aden”, Gianni Bertini “Mes cartes”, Henri Chopin “mil 1000 mille dates”, Luc Deleu “Barcelona towers”, Denmark “Multum, non multa”, Peter Downsbrough “For rent”, Wilfried Huet “Eque”, Jiri Kolar “Le vin des mots”, Marie Orensanz “Communiquer...”, Bernard Villers “Géométrie variable”. [Tirage total à 523 exemplaires dont 2 exemplaires réservés aux collaborateurs, 1 exemplaire marqué A réservé à SPC, 20 exemplaires numérotés de I à XX comprenant une oeuvre originale ou un multiple numéroté et signé et 500 exemplaires numérotés] This one of 20 copies.

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