(The Red Army)

Pamphlet No. 3 (all and only published). Special issue, manifest poster-journal.
Tokyo 1972 (Bureau of Pornography of the Kansaigakuin University).
1 sheet of off-white newsprin (56x42 cm), printed recto/verso in red. Text and illustrations, text in Japanese, with occasional english words in latin letters. Issued by Nagata Hiroko and Takita Osamu.
In the 60's/70's the Kansaigakuin University was the breading ground for student activism of various directions: Zenkyôtô, Zenagakujichi, Seikyô and Sekigun (Red Army, which was the most active). At the culmination point of the struggles it seems that the Red Army students had pressed the editorial office of the University newspaper to print this parody with the logo of the Red Army replacing the official logo and to place the name of the Red Army in large print on the front page. This was similar to the logo of the journal of the Japanese communist party Akahata (The Red Standard). Special issue on Drugs, Mind Liberating Plants, Green Revolution. (On the front page in capitals: Drug Freegras). Marijuana and LSD were the keywords for mental freedom, and here a guide is offered how to cultivate and fabricate it, and they advocate free distribution all over Japan. The picture of the love-making couple placed over a large image of a marihuhana leaf on the front page went too far for the authorities, the partciipants were arrested and the journal was forbidden.

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