Numbers 1-15 with supplements and posters (all published, with presursor and additions). Rotterdam, 1979-1983. -WITH:Precursor: Marcel Megawatt Blad -ADDED: De Avonturen van Red Rat (a continuation in the form of cartoon strips). All in generally good condition, some ragged edges, or light staining. -ADDED:Jubileum edition - K.K. Dubio en de Rondos - Ze zijn er weer ...Kom nou toch jongens, Facisme bestaat allang niet meer. Hitler is al jaren dood - Rotterdam, Raket, 1982 - 305 pp. - paper wrappers - 21 x 30 cm. With added poster "Toen en nu"(rare). -ADDED: unnumbered, undated number,30 pages,stamped kk.dubio.(An additional number (16?): Geis. 1 (?) together with - Geis gaat op Reis, 32 pages + wrappers. Details of the issues below.
Dutch Anarchist-PUNK periodical, started as newsbulletin for the Rotterdam New Wave Groups, merely one sheet recto/verso. It soon grows out to a full-fledged periodical for Rotterdam Punk, and for Punk in The Netherlands. At first printed (mimeographed) on grey paper in black, soon with photographic illustrations,sometimes with colours in screenprint / stencil / spray technique added. Edited by (Kunst Kollektief) Dubio, and De Rondos, Geis, Aram, Chris de Wit, Teddy Boymans. With the rare precursor/poster: Marcel Megawatt Blad Magazine. Raket, Rotterdam. 1979. 41.9 x 58.5 Cm. Folds out to a two-sided printed poster. Folded in eight. No 6 in cooperation with Kaasee. Featuring: Rondo's ( "I don't like the Rastaman"), Toiletz, ZeroZero, Bunkers, Bunk Music. Donut Music, Filth, Stealer, Kobus van Lankeren, Suburban Punk,attention broadens to Punk outside Rotterdam (Amsterdam, Galerie Anus), Zaandam (sick productions, Gernevieve Van Hooghaut Jonghe, The Hague (Ketchup), Haarlem (World War Rockers), Ash-Tray, Jezus and the Gospelfuckers, Tändstickorshocks, RodeWig, Squats, Jules Deelder, coöperation with Kaasee (Gordelweg 117 Rotterdam). Details of the set: No. 1. 1979, April. One sheet. 62x46,5 cm. (Folded to 31,5x 23,5). -No. 2, 1979. May. One sheet 62x46,5 cm (folded to 31,5x23,5); -No. 3. 1979. Juni. One sheet 62x46,5 cm. (Folded to 31,5x 23,5). -No. 4. 1979. September. 29,5x21 cm. 20 pages, on grey paper, sidestapled. Together with the poster (black on yellow paper, depicting a human figure as target for shooting lessons;this copy has apparently been used for that purpose as there are numerous bullet holes. -No. 5. 1979 Oktober. 34 pages, sidestapled. Together with poster 60x41,5, folded twice; pin-holes in the four corners. - No. 6. 1980. Januari (sic!). 29,5x21 cm. 54 pages sidestapled , with the poster and Shell supplemented); . - No. 7. 1979 December. 29,5x21cm.46 pages sidestapled together with Supplement: Rock against Religion (RAR Organ des Zentralkomitees) 36 pages, sidestapled. POSTER: Rock against Religion. In samenwerking met Kaasee. 41x46,5 cm, folded twice. Photomontage of Nazi-soldiers, Priest, Businessman, falling church-buildings. (Some brown spotting over over middlefold, otherwise in very good condition). -No. 8: 1980. January. Together with the Poster b/w. 60x54 cm., folded twice. And with Bijlage: Marcel Megawat, 10 pp, stapled; -No. 9: Februari 1980 with Bijlage "Rotterdam Graffiti"1. ;-No. 10. 1980 Maart. 29,5x21 cm."Jubileum Raket" 70 pages + 1 loose sheet. Partly in colour.Plus: BijlageRotterdam Graffiti Deel 2. 30 pages. Partly in colour. Plus: Poster printed in red. 43x30,5 cm. (Het Bibelebonsche Rijk). Together with the original kraft mailing envelope, with illustration in black; a bit damaged -No. 11. April/Mei 1980. 29,5x21cm. 76 pages, sidestapled; +Bijlage 22 pages, with Orange Cover, "Verhaal in romanvorm: Trix = The Pix" with caricature of Princess Beatrix in the nude, with piggy policemen.;Ëindexamenskritpie SKA", "graffiti Den Haag" -No. 12. Juni 1980. 29,5x21 cm 100 pages, + Supplement,28 pages (Waarlijk helpe ons God almachtig) (Coronation of Beatrix issue) + 2 posters (42 x 29 cm each. "Schuldig aan"and "Gefallen für Deutschland"). Together with the kraft mailing envelope (a bit damaged) and with the puzzle and the flexidisk -No. 13. September 1980. 29,5x21 cm. With kraft envelope.108 pages. (on backpage: "Bericht van het Verkiezingsfront"). Includes the postcard/photograph "Pearls for the swines", and the poster and Dossier -No. 14. November 1980 (VerzetsRaket). 112 pages + Supplements: Jeugdcultuur & Punk&Verzet. 50 pages, sidestapled (the added badge is not present) + Supplement: De Avonturen van Red Rat. Deel éen.36 pages, sidestapled; + supplement: Over platen maken en hun verspreiding. 24 pages, sidestapled; + supplement: The selling of Limburg. 16 pages, sidestapled. (On the final page announcement: No Hope stops). Together with kraft mailing envelope, rather damaged. ADDED" Unnumbered and undated pamphlets and loose publications: -"The Rondos Song Texts". Printed on a poster, front red/white and blue, with Yellow Hammer and Sickle; Reverse side prints the texts of Rondos Songs. Folded to 8,5x28,5 cm. -"Een beetje vent wordt geen agent"(if you are only a bit of a man you do not become policeman), 40 pages, sidestapled. Not dated; signed Aram. - - Supplement Poster "De Westerse Beschaming,deel 9", Avonturen van Red Rat Addition 4: JUBILEUM-EDITION. Uitgave en copyright Raket, Rotterdam, 1982. oblong, 305 pages + 5 advertising pages; glued in the spine. Frontwrapper (probably)missing. - Vandaag of Morgen. Destroy Fascism.14 pages. - Poster "Which side will you be on", Fight back; White Power - TOGETHER WITH: DE AVONTUREN VAN Red Rat. Deel 1/2, deel 3/4, deel 5/6, deel 7/8, deel 9/10 (complete as published by Uitgeverij "lont", original opictorial wrappers; 1981-1983. Added: Deel 11/12. Revival, published by De Papieren Tijger. 2009. - Thus altogether a magnificent collection, Rare.A very complete offering.

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