Audience Fashion Magazine

No. 1-5 (all publ.). Tokyo, Autumn 1999-2001. Orig. Pictorial wrappers, 25,5x18 cm.

EUR 500.00

Journal of design and photography. Publisher: Yutaro Oka, Editor: Keriko Maeda. Art Direction: Synchro Design Tokyo. No. 1. Autumn 1999: Debut. 14 Tokyo Live Audience Style Collection; Featuring audience of High-Lows, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, Polysics, Supercard, Number Girl, Marylin Manson, Mod Mayday, The Fuji Rocj Festival '99 No. 2. Winter 1999/2000. Photograophy of Arzuo. The Fashion made by Music. Featuring 22 lives. Field of Dreams (Phography by Arzuo), audience of "Rave Dead", Pavement, Cibo Matto, The Offp[sing, Guitar Wolf, The Sebadoh, E.Yazawa, Preschool and more. No. 3. Spring 2000. Cover SDT+Tequila design. The Fashion made by Music. Featuring 13 lives. George Clinton and P-Funk, All Stars, Primal Scream,Brahman, Heads 326, Noodles, Brian Betze Orchestra, and more. No. 4. Summer 2000, The Fashion made by Music, Access all Area. Phish, Bornded by Blood, Tatoo2000, No. 5. 2001. Cover by Osamu Yamada, contents photography Jyujin Sato. Rcollection of Summertime. Vans Warped Tour 2000; Wire00; High-Lows; Big Rumble; Paul Weller; Music-Believe Girls room, etc.

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