Numbers (00) 1 and 2. Philadelphia, Brian Zahn, June-July 1967. (No.1 on newsprint, 42 x 28,5 cm., light wear to spine and edges; No. 2 on better paper, 41 x 17,8 cm.
In fine condition except for very light soilage on the front cover).

EUR 1,500.00

Published (initially monthly) by David Auten and Brian Zahn. Contributors: Steve Tilles, Phil Stilles, Bonny Williams, Paul Carlin, Lynn Coren, Timothy Leary, Robert Crumb. These first issues of Yarrowstalks represent some of the earliest R.Crumb Comics & Stories. Number one has the first appearance of his character "Mr. Natural" and "The Trip" a 20 panel psychedelic comic strip. The second issue features the first installment of "Head Comix" and other drawings by Crumb. Yarrowstalks was Philadelphia’s Oracle, one of the best of the underground papers;Yarrowstalks was a blend of artwork and creative writing. It was not radical politically, but rather a gently publication, with visually pleasing graphics and an easy editorial style. The first issue includes a 2 page interview with Timothy Leary, with photograph. The paper, following the lead of editor and publisher Brian Zahn, moved toward Eastern philosophies. Twelve issues of Yarrowstalks were published in Philadelphia from 1967 until 1975. Most of the activity was concentrated at the beginning of the period, in the heyday of underground press activity.

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