[Numbers 1-3 all published with the Madison WI Underground Newspaper KALEIDOSCOPE]. 1969 . July 4-17, Aug. 29 - Sept. 11, and n.d. Nova Broadcast, 1969.(San Francisco (Athens, New York, Cologne,LA, Paris,Mannheim : Nova Broadcast Press). Rare copies of these fragile broadsides, in very good condition.
Broadsides distributed as supplements to Kaleidoscope. Edited By Norman Ogue Mustill and Jan Jacob Herman. Single sheets, folded up to three times. Printed front and back in a 7-column newpaper format, with photocompositions.
- No. 1: Contains Burroughs (The Moving Times), Weissner ( Death TV) , Nanos Valaoritis (The story of Scroloboulopoulos) along with work by Mary Beach, Alan Ansen and the editors. This was inserted into the second section of the July 4-17 issue of the Madison WI Underground Newspaper KALEIDOSCOPE.
- No. 2: 'We pick up where the hen leaves off. .An investment in the smell of rotten eggs". Contributions by Carl Solomon (War), A. Rooney & S. Beiles (Collectors corner), Alan Ansen (Professor Joe, a candidate for the presidency), N.O.Mustill (2 photocollages), Wolf Vostell ( Four Instant Happenings,1968 and a serigraph), J.J.Herman (collage), Jochen Gerz (photocomposition), Carl Weisner (photocomposition), Allen Ginsberg, James Silver, Carl Weissner, Harold Norse, and several others. This issue probably published as Broadsheet, inserted into the second section of the July Aug. 29 - Sept. 11 issue of the Milwaukee (Wisconsin) underground newspaper Kaleidoscope. A third issue was published Nova Broadcast, 1969.
- No. 3: "Artists all/find a dark corner/sit down/place youyr right calf on back of neck/place left calf on right shin/and suck+++weather/zonk". " An army of technicians stand vehind our product". The third and last issue of the artists' periodical, with contributions from the editors, Herman (A dangerous opiate) ; Carl Weisner (Stasis Inc.); Jeff Nuttal (drawing), N.O.Mustill( photocomposition, The Vietnam Question); Wolf Vostell (Miss America, photocomposition); Jochen Gerz (Theory of mobile texts); Alison Knowles (The big book, phtocomposition); Claude Pelieu; Sinclair Beiles (Notes from a tour); J.J.Lebel (Erotic traveller); , Carl Solomon (The adventures of Zig-Zag), and Gail Chiarello Dusenberry, Nanos Valaoritis. Nova Broadcast, 1969.

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