Collection of 8 numbers: Nos. 5-12/13 (=last published). San Francisco, March 1980-June 1981, without nos. 9 and 11, but inclusive of the Special Issue "Western Front Edition". Tabloid newsprint, some moderate toning, else excellent condition.
The Bay Area's answer to LA's Slash magazine, and equivalent to New York Rocker. About 40 pages each, printed b/w with a colour added the to nicely designed front pages. Unparalleled early punk coverage of the flourishing SF punk scene. No. 5: March 1980 Coverage includes Offs, Johanna Went, Madness and Nick Zedd's They Eat Scum. No. 6: May 1980 Lene Lovich, Lydia Lunch, Mutants etc. No. 7: July 1980 installment with Cramps, Tokyo scene including a Friction interview and Flipper. No. 8: August 1980 coverage of Gang of Four, Crime and PiL. Western Front festival special edition from October 1980, published between issue 9 and 10. Pictures and profiles of all participating bands including Black Flag, Bob, Cosmetics, Crime, DOA, Feederz, Gears, Lewd,Nervous Gender and on and on. No. 10: Magazine, Amos Poe, Castration Squad and the usual heapin' helpin' of SF coverage. Published November 1980. No. 12/13: June 1981 swan song of this top-notch SF mag. DOA, Roky Erickson, Chrome, Stranglers, Siouxsie, Robert Anton Wilson etc.

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