Nos. 1-14 (all published). Aix-en-Provence, Nice, juin 1962 - hiver-printemps 1966. Together 11 physical issues (3 double issues), 50x33 cm, varying from 4 to 10 pages, all in good condition (only no 5 light soilage and split spine). An extremely rare periodical,
Founded by the painter Marcel Alocco, with Régine Aizertin-Robin and lateron ollaborartion of BEN Vautier. . 1962 : 1, juin / 2, sept.-oct. / 3, nov.-déc.- 1963 : 4, avril-mai / 5, hiver.- 1964 : 6, printemps / 7-8, été-automne.- 1965 : 9, hiver / 10, printemps / 11-12, été-automne.- 1966 : 13-14, hiver-printemps. Title suggested by Aizertin, based on a poem by Eluard, dedicated to Dora Maar ("feministe"). Initially a predominantly literary journal (Jean-Pierre Charles, Daniel Biga, Richard Laszlo, Daniel Karm, on Robbe-Grillet, Jean Pastureau, Daniel Reynaud, Renaud Matignon, Serge Bec etc.) the interest and scope widens significantly after the transfer to Nice. In No. 7/8 begins the collaboration of BEN VAUTIER (Une lettre de Ben) and a full-page poster-like supplement, typographically designed wit Ben's handwriting in the middle"Je soussigné Ben Vautier, déclare authentique oeuvre d'art l'ABSENCE D'ART, 1/10/63": Ben's contribution from then on in all the issues and a general interest for FLUXUS. Robert Filiou,George Brecht, John Cage, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Wolf Vostell, Gius.Vhiari, Duick Higgins. No. 10 is devoted to the Beat Generation, contributing are Allen Ginsberg and J. J. Lebel, also François Maspero. It has a full page supplement (printed recto only), with 4 texts by Vautier ("Vers la fin cela devient cochon"). Also Arman,Ben,Gette Gilli, Le3 Clézio,Malaval, Raysse,Venet.No. 11/12 on the Ecole de Nice (drawing by Robert Malaval). A feature on "Lettrisme en 1965" (Isidore Isou). "Architecture dépaysée", Ernest Pigeon. An interest in Fluxus: George Brecht "Conversation avec Ben et Alocco". No. 13/14 devoted to "La musique de la Vie", with "l' Événement happening", with text by Jean-Jacques Lebel. Also contribution by John Cage (conversation with Michel Kirbyand Richard Stechner). A feature on the Young Japanese Poetry (Tajiro Amazawa, Takahido Okada, Makoto Oaka, and Robert Filiou ("Bruits montants de la Fginza"). Feature on Architecture in no 10 " l'Architecture dépaysée" and in no 13/14: Art Habitable by Ernest Pignon. Important contributions on the "Happening" by Ben Vautier, Al Hansen, Gius Chiari, J-J.Lebel, Milan Knizak, Dick Higgins.