(The quarterly magazine Sub) Sabu / Sub (culture). Counter-culture Tokyo, Sabu,

Numbers 1-6 (all published from 1970 till 1973.) Varying sizes and number of pages. Very light soilage, faintly dogeared and light sunning, but altogether a very well-preserved important set.

EUR 3,000.00

Japanese magazine for everything sub-cultural in and outside Japan, music : Rock (Beatles, John Lenon, George Harrison, Mick Jager), Jazz, Ravi Shankar, poetry and texts by Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Ted Joans and much more.
No.1 December 1970, 23,9x15,3cm, 144pp.: Hippie Radical Elegance, typographical cover. Texts by: Genpei akasegawa, Takuma Nakahira, Takahiko Iimura, Akiko Hyuga, Kenji Kanesaka, et d’autres.
No. 2 April 1971. April 1971, 23x15cm, 128pp: Beatles for ever, cover by : Tadanori Yokoo, texts : Hiroshi Kamayatsu, Tadanori Yokoo, Shin’ichi Kusamori, Texte et photos Shinpei Asano.
No. 3 October 1971, 23x15cm, 144p.: Fashion Democracy, cover by : Shinpei Asai, texts by : Kiiton Masuda, Yasuhiro Hamano, Yu Suwa, Tadanori Yokoo, Akiko Hyûga, Makoto Tsuji, Shinpei Asai.
No.4 June 1972, 18x10,6cm, 176pp.: The Message is the Medium, cover by : Shinpei Asai, texts : Takahiko Iimura, Akiko Hyûga, interview by Shûji Terayama with: Salvador Dali, J-L. Godard, Louis Mall, Le Clézio, Adamo, illustration by Teruhiko Yumura, poetry dedicated to Yukio Mishima by Edith Peterson, a.o.
No.5 December 1972 , 23x15cm, 138p.,: Les enfants terrible(s). I am a tripper. I live in a Magazine, Open the page and take a look. , cover : Shinpei Asai, texts : Yukio Mishima, Akiko Hyûga, Yu Suwa, Mari Mori, Shuntarô Tanikawa, photograps by Taihô Yoshida,poetry by Jirô Takamatsu, features onJean Cocteau, Andy Warhol, Gabrielle Chanel, Norman Mailer, Françoise Sagan, W.H. Auden, Brigitte Bardot, James Dean, with photographs.
No.6 July 1973, 42x29cm, 112p. : Westcoast ’73, cover, design and lay-out : Mizuho Kataniwa, texts : Toshihiko Shimizu, Hiroshi Kamayatsu, Shin’ichi Kusamori, poetry: Shuntarô Tanikawa, photographs: Taihô Yoshida, Shinpei Asai, illustrations : Yosuke Kawamura, Teruhiko Yumura, graphic concept : Mizuho Kataniwa.

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