Revue trimestrielle d'art actuel.

KWY No. 12. Album. Hiver 1963. (february 1964). Quarto, 42 pages. Stiff wrappers with original silk creen by Lourdes Castro. One of 300 copies. Special issue with 54 silk screened, collaged and reproduced postcards on 18 perforated card sheets. Images by Lourdes Castro, Karl Brust, Colinet, Sergio Fergola, Samuel Buri, René Bertholo, Spribille, Hervé Télémaque, Guido Biasi Mercedes Prado, Conçalo Duarte, Camille Bryen, Iria Bernardini, Erro, Dick Casse, Corneille, Julio LeParc, Pol Bury, Jan Voss, Alejandro, Otero, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Alberto Greco, Pierre Alechinsky, Marta Minujín, Christo, Jan van der Heyden. Includes poetry by Blaise Cendrars and Andre Balthazar.

EUR 2,000.00