Numbers 1-5 (all publ.). Dot Zero Inc. - Finch Pruyn and Company, New York. 1966-1968. Original card wrappers, first issue embossed cover, others photographically illustrated. 30,5x23 cm. An excellent set; only the cover of no 1 very lightly soiled, otherwise excellent condition. Complete set, very scarce. Order forms on back covers unused, thus back covers all intact.

EUR 1,800.00

"Ground breaking design journal"(Gwen Allen). Edited by Robert Malone, design Massimo Vignelli. Number 1. Editorial Statement by Robert Malone; Decline of the visual, by Marshall McLuhan; Computer Graphics, by Maurice Constant; Variations on the face, by Bruno Munari; Psychology of the Visual, by Martin Krampen; Printing as an art form: Eugene Feldman; Questions of Legibility, by Bror Zachrisson; Alternatives to Architecture, by Arthur Drexler; Book review, by Douglas MacAgy. Illustrations in black and white and colours. Number 2. Issue on Corporate Identity. Contributors: Jay Doblin, Nan Adams, George Bain, Allon Schoener, Reyner Banham, Fgui Bonsieppe, Kenneth Galbraith (Economics and Environment) Number 3:. Issue on Mass Communications. Contributors: John McHale, Clay Felker, John Dievold, Germano Facetti, John Szarkowski (Photography and the Mass Media), Gordon Hitchens, Jay Doblin, Mildred Constantine, Thomas George, Number 4. Summer 1967: Issue on World’s Fairs. Contains:; A theory of Expositions by Umberto Eco; The concept of Environmental Management by Serge Boutourline;Designing ‘Creative America’ by Ivan Chermayeff; Creating Emotional Involvement in Geography, Geology and Space Science: an interview with Rudolph de Harak; Thoughts on Three-Dimensional Science Communications by Will Burtin; Alpha Chambers by Kenneth Isaacs; Expo 67 Puts You in the Picture by Bosley Crowther and Five Films at Epo by Willard van Dyke. Number 5. Fall 1968. Issue on Transportation Graphics.(Symposium held at MOMA Oct.1967). Contributions by George Nelson, Lowell Bridwell, Jocj Kinneir, Pierre Bourgeau, Henry A.Barnes, Will Burtin, Jonathan Barnett, Donal Appleyard, Peter Chermayeff, Vbob Noorda, Charles M.Haar. Harmomn H. Goldstone, Daniel T. Scannell,

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