Vol. 1 nos. 1-4; vol. 2 nos. 1,3 & 4; vol. 3 no 2; vol. 5 no 1, 3-4. Together 12 cassette tapes. London, 1974-1982. Original cassettes, each incl. a photograph of an author on the front panel.

EUR 400.00

Edited by William Furlong. From the contents:: Vol. 1: Caroline Tisdall: Auto interview by Ad Reinhardt; Wyndham Lewis: Extracts from One Way Song; Interview with Michael Craig-Martin; Noam Chomsky: Interview by Dr. Chr. Evans; A question of James Joyce by Margaret Henry; W.B. Yeats reads The Song of the Old Mother; Anne Yeats: Memories of her father, interview by William Furlong. Vol. 2 no 1: R. Buckminster Fuller (extract from a lecture) and Joseph Beuys. Vol. 2 no 3:Conversation with Edna O'Brien. Vol. 2 no 4: Marcel Duchamp (interview by Richard Hamilton) and Hermann Nitsch. Vol. 3 no 2: Recent English Experimental Music: John White, Michael Nyman, Howard Skempton, Gavin Bryars, a.o. 5 no 1:Conversations with Helen Chadwick, Maggi Hambling, Ian McKeever. Audio Arts; Vol. 5 no 3-4: 3 tapes in a carton box: Live to Air. Artists' sound work.