An occasional magazine of the new poetries.

Nos. 1, 2/3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8/10 (all published)., A Alll, excet no 1,IN DE-LUXE EDITION OF 12 to15 COPIES (total edition was ab. 500). Kersey, 'Church Steps', Spring 1969 - 1982. Original (partly illustrated) wrappers (8vo, (Possibly no Luxe edition was made of no 1).expanding to 4to). With the record to number 8/10.
Added: 2 letters from the editor (laid into no. 1).
- No. 1: (24 pages + wrapper). With contributions by Stephen Bann, Thomas A.Clark, Dick Higgins, Anselm Hollo, Robert Lax, Edwin Morgan, B.P.Nichol, Jiri Valoch, Charles Verey, Pedro Xisto, Nicholas Zurbrugg-
- No.2 & 3.Spring 1970. The new french poetries-The death of concrete. In-8 [14,5 X 23 cm.] [36] pages and 2 horstexts (incl. cover) signed by Nicholas Zurbrugg. One of 12 copies on handmade paper, this Number 3. Wiith 2 original poems, signed and numbered by Henri Chopin and one by Edwin Morgan.mprimés sur “hand made paper”
- No.4. Spring, 1971. The poetry of sound/The sound of poetry In-8 [15,5 X 25 cm.] [36] pages and 1 horstexte. Signed by Nicholas Zurbrugg on wrapper. One of 15 copies on hand made paper” with a signed and numbered serigraphy by Raoul Hausmann. Copy No.2.
-No. 5. Winter 1971.The next visuel & photo poetries of Japan In-8 [19,5 X 26 cm.] [36] pages and 3 hors-textes. Cover illustrated by Okasaki Katsuhiko, signed and numbered on back cover by Nicholas Zurbrugg. -One of 15 copies printed on “hand made paper” including a reversible work by Dom Sylvester Houedard, a poem by Ernst Jandl, a lihographs by Maurizio Nannucci, signed and numbered by the artists. This copy No.7.
-No. 6. Summer 1974. The treated text In-8 [20X 27 cm.] [70] pages and 3 horstextes. Cover illustrated by a metro ticket picked-up by Gérard Vargas, glued to the front cover. Cover signed by Nicholas Zurbrugg. One of 15 copies on “hand made paper” with a reversible artwork, embroidery by Lourdes Castro of plexiglass, a serigraphy by Hans Richter, a poem by Edgardo Antonio Vigo, signed and numbered by the artists.Copy No.12.
-No. 7. Spring 1976 In-8 [18,7 X 25,5 cm.] [56] pages and 3 orig horstextes (incl. cover) Cover illustrated by a photopoem by Kitasono Katué, signed and numbered by Nicholas Zurbrugg on the cover. This one of 15 copies on handmade paper imprimés sur “hand made paper” containing a photo poem in colour by Kitasono Katué, a handwritten poem by Robert Lax, a serigraphy by John Furnival. Signed and numbered by the artists. This copy No.1.
-no 8/10 in the DE-LUXE EDITION Numbered 2/15 on special paper, signed by Nicholas Zurbrugg and a signed cut-out color photograph of Lourdes Castro, a signed Humument etching by Tom Phillips and a signed silkscreen print by Barry McCallion.

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