Nos. 1-2 (all published), complete: quarto, mimeographed. No. 1. Los Angeles,June 1978 (24 pages). Corner stapled. No. 2. Los Angeles, 1980. (26 pages, inl. covers on yellow paper). Corner stapled. Both issues in excellent condition.

EUR 1,000.00

Early Los Angeles punk fanzine. Editors Dinky Grant, Michelle Baer, covers Doug Norman, Dinky. With coverage of the most legendary bands including the Plugz, Germs, Middle Class and Gears along with key figures like Greg Shaw and Rodney Bingenheimer. No more than 100 copies printed of the first issue and likely the same for issue 2. Complete run of both issues, very rare. No. 1 interview with Darby Crash, Rodney Bingenheimer, Greg Shaw, Laurie Holland, Dim Dim, Johnny Nails, Blondie at the Starwood; No. 2 White Punks on Jones, Gears Interview, No Alternative, Don Bone Brake, Madness, The Germs, The middle class, Turn on the go home lights, The Cartwrights, etc.

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