Franklin Furnace Archive

Vol. 1 no 1-5; Vol. 2 no 1-3/4; Vol. 3 no 1-2; Vol. 4 no 1/2,3/4; Vol. 5 no 1-2; Vol. 6 no 1-2 (all published of each volume). Complete set.New York, NY, Franklin Furnace Archive 1980/89. Various formats, see below.
Edited by Martha Wilson. Rare complete set.
Vol. I, no1, First Edition: Tabloid, 12pp. Offset. Artist/Designers: Conrad "Artists’ Books", by Clive Phillpot, Flexidisk (plastic 45 rpm record insert) and other material related to the Chicago show.
Vol. I, no2, Dutch Treat: Photographs of artists and info on "De Appel in the Big Apple" performance art festival curated by Wies Smals; plus Franklin Furnace news.
Vol. I, no3: Tabloid format on newsprint. Designer: Barbara Kruger
Vol. I, no4: Tabloid format, 8pp. Offset. Designer: Carla Liss. Interview with Wies Smals of De Appel.
Vol. I, no5: Tabloid format. Designer Richard McGuire, cover photo of Laurie Anderson by Paula Court.
Vol. II, no1: Tabloid. Editor: Deborah Drier. Designed by John Copoulos. Cover by Louise Lawler. Update on the Collection/International Mail Art" by Jill Medvedow.
Vol. II, no2: 280x215 mm., stapled, 34pp. Offset. Editor Deborah Drier. Designed by John Copoulos.
Vol. II, no3/4. L.A./London: Sex, Performance & the 80’s: 280x215 mm., stapled, 53pp. Offset.
Vol. III; no1, Special Issue on Artists Books, Archives and Collections: 270x210 mm., stapled, 32pp. Offset. Editors: Buzz Spector and Tony Whitfield.
Vol. III, no2, Multiples by Latin American Artists: 280x215 mm., stapled, 46pp. Offset.
Vol. IV, #1/ 2, Cubist Prints/Cubist Books: 230x205 mm., softcovers, 128pp. Offset. Design: Erika Rothenberg.
Vol. IV, no3/4, Mail Art Then and Now: 270x210 mm., stapled, 56pp. Offset. Curator/Editor Ronny Cohen.
Vol. V, no1: Poster (folded: 140x215 mm.). Offset, purple inkVol.
Vol. V, no2, The International Flue: Poster. Designer: Carol Sun.
Vol. VI, no1, The Concrete Flue: Poster yellow and black. Designer: Carol Sun.
Vol. VI, no 2 (and last), The Avant-Garde Book 1900-1945: Curated by Jaroslav Andel. 21,5x14cm., stapled, unpaginated. Offset.

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